Websites and CMS

It's very easy and saving to create a corporate website.

We provide open source solutions to develop websites and we deal with all aspects to give our customers a complete and custom product: domain registering, web developement and publishing on a suitable provider to expected traffic.

Once, there were only static website and it was required to know HTML if you wanted to design web pages. Then, a web developer was necessary to update the website, with an increase of costs due to web management and updating.

Nowadays, Content Management Systems (CMS) allow to manage easily articles and images in a dynamic website.

What's a "CMS"?
CMS are applications for editing and updating web contents without the need of web developing knowledges.
CMS can be used from any browser and the content manager can easily edit articles.

What are its benefits?

  • it's user-friendly: the content manager doesn't need to know the code in order to insert images, multimedia and articles;
  • steady updating: the administrator can quickly change template or content without web developer's help. That's easy and cheaper.
  • graphics: a wide choice of several layouts, as free templates downloaded from Internet or custom graphic solutions.

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